About the Expo/Background

In partnership with: The Ministry of Safety and Security, NamPol, & City of Windhoek

The Namibia Safety & Security Expo is a platform that connects all relevant stakeholders, service providers, and services users, in the safety and security industry. Its purpose is two-fold: one is to make all market players, stakeholders, and the general public aware of the safety and security products, systems and solutions that are available to them in the Namibian market. Secondly, the Expo will also serve as a space for knowledge-sharing, networking, engagement, and meaningful dialogue about how to improve security in our communities. In essence, the Expo is a large-scale intervention that will prioritise safety and security issues and empower all participants with the tools they need to enhance security in all areas of their lives- many of which they may not have been aware of.


The Expo will feature a full floor plan hosting over 40 brands and exhibitions showcasing the state-of-the-art range of products and solutions available to the security market. Leading local and international product and service providers will unveil the latest personal, business, and home security technology. This includes access control, surveillance, fire safety, biometrics, and IP networking. The Namibian Police and City Police will also be on hand to share stimulating and informative ideas and techniques to improve security. Therefore, what sets this Expo apart from others is, besides hosting relevant exhibitors, it strategically empowers all attendees to reduce the likelihood that they will be devastated by crimes in the foreseeable future. This objective will be supported by a number of themed seminars and impactful discussions.

Spaces are still available for exhibitors to book their stalls at the Expo. Entry is free to the public and coupled with our intensive marketing efforts, this will improve participation and traffic to the venue.